Amy Calaghan is a fully qualified and insured equine sports massage therapist trained by Equi-Therapy UK.

Amy has had a life long passion for horses and has owned horses from an early age, resulting in her having ample equine experience.



Amy offers treatment to horses via the manipulation of soft tissue in the form of sports massage. Treatment begins with initial diagnostic tests prior to the sports massage to determine whether the horse has any skeletal or muscular soreness, from this she is able to see where weaknesses lie to ensure a client centred treatment.


Massage treatment helps to promote improved performance and flexibility, enhances muscle tone, improves circulation, and prevention of injury. Massage also improves range of movement, relieves muscle tension and spasm. Massage helps to resolve stiffness and soreness which may lead to bigger issues over time such as lameness etc. It is also beneficial in removing toxins that can build up within the muscles over time.


Massage can be beneficial to any equine regardless of age or discipline, and keeps your horse performing at an optimum level. 

Signs showing your horse may benefit from Sports Massage

It is important to keep an eye on your horses behaviour and performance, if you notice a change, they may be in need of a Sports Massage.

Signs of which include:

  • stiffness on one rein

  • reluctance to canter on one lead

  • high head carriage

  • head shaking

  • bucking/rearing

  • discomfort when being groomed

  • muscle asymmetry 

Amy operates primarily in the Nottinghamshire area (Hucknall) and is also available for bookings in the surrounding areas of Derbyshire and North Leicestershire. She is available to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends if preferred.


Please do not hesitate to contact Amy for more information about treatments and bookings.